Mealies and Waxies and Chirpies! Oh My! Today is World Edible Insect Day!!

(For more information visit: World Edible Insect Day on Facebook)


To celebrate, I ordered 500 mealworms, 500 waxworms, and 1,000 crickets! I’ll be cooking them up starting next week! Pretty excited to taste waxworms!! Not too thrilled that I can’t #tastethechange today.

If you’d also like to be a part of this change, this alternative foods movement, you can order edible insects by clicking on the following links:

Rainbow Mealworms
Fluker Farms
Big Cricket Gourmet

While Big Cricket Gourmet actually sells crickets specifically raised for human consumption, they are fairly expensive. Rainbow Mealworms offers a wide variety of critters to choose from at a very reasonable price. Fluker Farms also has reasonable prices.

Here’s a video to promote awareness about edible insects in Australia:

Today’ hosts take the edible insects taste-test

There are plenty of resources out there for you to learn more! If you have any questions about where to find additional information about entomophagy, cultural entomology, or raising mealworms or crickets, please, ask away!

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