The Entocurean is Published!

This blog started as a means to demonstrate the value of insects, arthropods, and other little critters and evolved into a consolidation of my research and experiences in the form of a research paper. It’s featured in Brill’s Perspectives on Global Development and Technology.

The research presented is centered on my ideas about how we can transform negative American perceptions of entomophagy. I feel that this article proposes some solutions that ought to be considered, tested, and further investigated.

My article is available for download at the link below (it’s not free). I hope my research makes a positive contribution to the field and offers some insights into how we can effect positive change, particularly as it relates to ideas about the value of insects and their role in the world. Happy reading!

You can access the article here: A Semiotic Approach to Entomophagy: The Language, Localization, and Reimagining of Insects as Foodstuffs in America


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