The Beginning

My journey into entomophagy (entomophagy basically is eating insects, but I also tend to include arthropods and other invertebrates) began in 2007, when I moved to South Korea. The experiences I had there dramatically changed my life. Since then, I’ve been a huge advocate for entomophagy. It’s not difficult, when one considers the current state of global affairs. Think about the problems we’re faced with and you’ll probably agree that we’re confronted with a lot of very real problems: food and water shortages, hunger, land scarcity, global warming, rising human populations, unsustainable means of food production, lack of access to resources, poverty, etc. These problems aren’t going away and, believe it or not, there IS a reasonable solution that can contribute to tackling those problems. Good job, you guessed it: eating insects! While there is  much more research necessary in order to better justify these claims, and the idea of insects as a food source may be something newer–and hard to digest, quite literally–to many of us in the Western world, it’s old hat for many people.

To help inspire others to give entomophagy a try, I am working out new, inventive ways to incorporate insects into visually appealing, mouth-watering dishes that will ease the minds of people who are new to entomophagy, or anyone who has a desire to try it. I also raise crickets and mealworms in my home. My ultimate goal, with this site, is to showcase the best of what these little critters have to offer the world.