Entomophagy Resources

There are a plethora of sites that’ll help guide you in your ento-journey. Here are some of my personal favorites:

Aspire Food Group – This company warms and raises both food-grade crickets (in the USA) and palm weevil larvae (in Ghana).

Bachhuber Consulting, LLC – “Our focus is on building a sustainable, robust, diversified insect industry to feed a growing population amidst dramatically changing climates, whether that means one-off consultations to answer a specific question or two or establishing years-long relationships to assist at each stage of scaling a client’s business.”

Bitty Foods – A company that offers cricket-based baking flour that serves as the basis of their air puffed chips, and can also be purchased for home use as a high-protein, grain-free, cup-for-cup replacement for regular baking flour.

Bug Chef (David George Gordon) – A pioneer in insect culinary masterpieces, David George Gordon offers cooking demos and published the Eat-a-Bug Cookbook.

Bug Muscle – A company that offers insect protein supplements.

Bugsolutely – Purchase your cricket pasta here!

Bug Vivant – An excellent ento-culinary resource with loads of delicious recipes and product reviews.

Chapul – Delicious cricket energy protein bars!

Chirps Chips – Flavorful tortilla chips made with cricket powder!

Crik Nutrition – A company that offers insect protein powder.

Critter Bitters –  Purchase cocktail bitters made from toasted crickets.

EntoMarket – Purchase cool gift boxes for your curious friends! Lots of goodies available for order!

Entomo Farms – A farm that produces insect protein as “a viable, and altruistic response to the global crises; (food, water, natural resources) that will imminently be upon us.”

Exo – Cricket Flour Protein – Protein bars made with cricket protein!

Food and Insects Newsletter – Great resource here with a wealth of information about the practice of entomophagy.

4Ento – 4Ento is a platform devoted to promoting awareness about ento-projects and educating people about benefits of edible insects.

Girl Meets Bug – A fellow anthropologist and author of an excellent book that I highly recommend: Edible: An Adventure into the World of Eating Insects and the Last Great Hope to Save the Planet.

Hotlix – The “original edible insect candy creator”. Lots of cool and tasty insect snacks can be found here!

Little Herds – An education nonprofit devoted to teaching the next generation about edible insects.

Livin Farms – This company created the firms home farm for edible insects–a desktop hive. They also sell roasted Microfoods™, that are delicious (I have tried them many times)!

Nutribug – Another great place to buy cricket pasta and chips.

Rainbow Mealworms – Great place to purchase a variety of insects at a fair price.

Thailand Unique – You can order a very wide variety of insects and arthropods here–canned, dried, candied, processed into pasta, etc. Good stuff here!

Tiny Farms – This company farms and sells crickets that are “100% natural, fed exclusively with non-GMO, vegetarian feed.”